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Обръщение на Н.М.П.Бр. Стоян Станков 33°

Dear Brothers in all of your degrees and qualities,

After 23 years in Bulgarian Freemasonry I found that there is no greater power than ignorance combined with sick ambitions and aggressive arrogance. We never realized that Freemasonry allows us to change ourselves for the better first, not to develop our sick ego to critical limits. We should have left our selfish desires for power, money, and political realization at the temple gates. We should have, but we did not! I have said many times that unfortunately we here in Bulgaria have turned Freemasonry into a competition ... To be one step ahead of you. To be noticeable, and you to sink into oblivion. To have, and you to fight for a morsel of bread ... To be Me! And when you are crushed, in a moment of compassion to spare you ... because I am Great and recognized.

Recognition, brothers (I repeat) is respect for who you are, for who I am, for what we are together. Recognition is respect for our knowledge, kindness and contribution to society, to disadvantaged people. If we believed, if we were really Freemasons, we would strive for the recognition and blessings of the Creator, not sinners like us.

The path of the Freemason is the path to God, not to human vanity. That's what we forgot as we deviated from the path. We turned away because we forgot love. I'm tired of listening to who is recognized by whom ... I'm tired of hearing that true light is the monopoly of a group of people. The Light Dear Brothers, this true Light that we strive for, is unattainable for people ...

But we can get closer to it. In order to get closer to it, all we need is only love for people and faith in the Creator! I am writing these lines emotionally and I apologize for my mistakes. I write provoked by the actions of a "mason" who flew through Freemasonry for 5-6 years and claimed to have mastered the craft to perfection. When you have forgotten the oath you took, when you betray the people who clothed you with love and trust, when you betrayed your brothers to be noticed and appreciated by those who denied you until yesterday, You cannot be a Freemason. .and even if another 100 years you claim that you are, the only light you will see will be the light from the glare of the regalia you decorated yourself with in the dark.

Br.:Stoyan Stankov,33


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